Sooooo.... We were all talking on chat. And I decided to keep track of who is related to whom and how, we needed a family tree. I need to put the picture together... so it will be put up soon!

Here is what we have so far. I don't think we forgot anyone. But I'm not absolutely positive....

Family Tree
Just so you know what you're looking at...

Mr. Cuddles and Dare are married. Dare and Franky are siblings. From Mr. Cuddles and Dare, you get Charlize, Violet and Kayla (twins), Maliea, Rosie and Katie and Eliana (triplets), James and David (twins). Jessie and Amber (twins) are not pictured in that picture... cause for some reason, this picture got taken before their names were put on there. It will be fixed as soon as I get home -_-

From Franky... AJ and Alex (twins) and Xavier.  I think that kind of makes sense. Oh, and Alex and AJ aren't actually related to us. Their mom was married to someone else,  then they divorced. Their mom then went and married Franky. Having Xavier. Then the mom disappeared, leaving AJ and Alex with Franky... *shakes head* Poor children. Okay, that explained everything. If you want anything changed, just let me know!! :D

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