Hey Guys!!! So, what's happening with all of you! I am sorry I haven't been on much this summer, but I have been so ridiculously busy, I barely touched my computer for like... two weeks! I think that is an all time record for me!

Well, 4-H is coming up at the end of the month, and I have a lot of projects to get ready! I'm sewing this TOTALLY awesome dress, the fabric is navy blue with tiny white polka dots on it. It's going to be gorgeous! :)

Then, I have to break two cows to lead... in like... three weeks. O_O And re-memorize my chicken showmanship speech. And work with my horses. And I have to practice making my angel food cake. And I have a ton to do. PLUS, I'm working on the farm, painting the house... which is HORRIBLE! Then there is the whole, two hours of piano practice a day, which is nearly impossible to work in with everything else. -_-

So, the reason I'm telling y'all this is.... *drum roll* I am not going to be able to be on this month much at all. If I'm on during the weekends, it'll be a miracle! By the time the second week of August rolls around, I should have more time. But until then, my presence will be spotty, if that.

Well, this is my update! I'll talk to y'all soon!

Rosie <3

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