• CL12Dragonflyer


    August 20, 2013 by CL12Dragonflyer

    Landed on Lufthansa 400 from Frankfurt a few hours back. Horribly jetlagged. Damn...I missed this place.

    So what's been going on? I need a fill-in...

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  • CL12Dragonflyer

    This is for a screenshot contest...FSX...

    Which one of these is better?

    Thank you so much guys! This is for a FSX Screenshot Contest:

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  • CL12Dragonflyer

    I just wanted to check that this isn't some bootlegged version created by someone, because it's really horrid. David Baldacci's a really god Sorry, really GOOD author (what's a really god author anyway?) Me and my getting distracted. ANYway, can someone please review this for clarification?

    “I want to kill that guy,” snapped Dan. “And then bring him back to life and kill him again. And keep doing it until he just disappears to nothing.” Unfortunately, he said all this right as a conductor walked by. When the man looked at him oddly, Dan pointed to the computer and said, “Uh, fantasy football league. My guy totally blew it.”

    23:00, March 18, 2013 (UTC)23:00, March 18, 2013 (UTC)23:00, March 18, 2013 (UTC)~`

    “I feel your pain,” said the conductor…

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  • CL12Dragonflyer


    March 8, 2013 by CL12Dragonflyer

    Cross your fingers for FRC Team 3059!

    Live brodcast from Javits:

    I have a snow day, BTW, so I'm bored as hell.

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  • CL12Dragonflyer

    Soooo...Mona Wona has EPICALLY huge update 4 you!

    If you look on the main page, I added a little chat icon for easy access to chat (like the Hobbit Hole). Many thanks to Red!

    I also made some pretty big other changes to the main page, including the polls, so just go and check it out! Thanks!

    Mom's starting part-time location in Vancouver. So as well as Las Vegas, I'll sometimes be there. For some periods I'll be coming on at a later time, since I'm on Pacific time.

    Seems like I can get back on all I'll hopefully be more active!

    Can everyone just fill this out? A few of us are trying to do this, so we can organize chat/blog parties (like we did for David (in the middle of some month which I've forgotten now), and create a calendar for…

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