I just wanted to check that this isn't some bootlegged version created by someone, because it's really horrid. David Baldacci's a really god Sorry, really GOOD author (what's a really god author anyway?) Me and my getting distracted. ANYway, can someone please review this for clarification?

“I want to kill that guy,” snapped Dan. “And then bring him back to life and kill him again. And keep doing it until he just disappears to nothing.” Unfortunately, he said all this right as a conductor walked by. When the man looked at him oddly, Dan pointed to the computer and said, “Uh, fantasy football league. My guy totally blew it.”

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“I feel your pain,” said the conductor.
“My guy threw  four interceptions. I’m thinking about becoming a hockey fan.”
As he walked off, Dan glanced back at the screen.
Atticus pointed at it. “Look.”
They all stared at where he was pointing. The hostages couldn’t say anything because of the duct tape. But their eyes were visible. And one of the hostages was doing something very interesting.
Ted Starling was blinking. But he was doing so in a highly unusual way.
It took Atticus a few moments to realize why. “He’s blinking Morse code.” Atticus grabbed a notepad and pen from his jacket and watched the screen.

“Amy,” he said. “Back it up a little.” She did, and Atticus watched as Ted blinked and blinked and blinked. (Morse code section)

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