Soooo...Mona Wona has EPICALLY huge update 4 you!

Chat Bubble/Main Page Edits

If you look on the main page, I added a little chat icon for easy access to chat (like the Hobbit Hole). Many thanks to Red!

I also made some pretty big other changes to the main page, including the polls, so just go and check it out! Thanks!


Mom's starting part-time location in Vancouver. So as well as Las Vegas, I'll sometimes be there. For some periods I'll be coming on at a later time, since I'm on Pacific time.

MB/Message Board Wiki/MBer's Wiki

Seems like I can get back on all I'll hopefully be more active!


Can everyone just fill this out? A few of us are trying to do this, so we can organize chat/blog parties (like we did for David (in the middle of some month which I've forgotten now), and create a calendar for wikiers.

Birthday (you can put a fake one if you don't want to give your real one): _____

When is (your name day)? _____


Birthday: June 25

When is Mona Day? June 9

Awezome Books/Movies/Songs

Most of these books are YA, but there's three adult books.

--AWEZOME books

--Blindsided-Priscilla Cummings
Very minimal cursing, hints to X scenes, no killings, but several mentioned deaths

Annexed-Sharon Dogar
No cursing, hints to X scenes, many killings, evil minions of Hitler

@@@Bitter End-Jennifer Brown
Plenty of cursing, one or two X scenes, no killings, abusive bfs

--Ashes, Ashes-Jo Treggiari
No cursing, no X scenes, multiple killings, evil nurses, really similar to Ashes, Ashes (see two below)

Tangled-Carolyn Mackler
Cursing by the minute in part two, three X scenes, no killings, suicide attempts

--Partials-Dan Wells
Minimal cursing, no X scenes (I think), multiple dead things (just a warning)

@@@The Future of Us-Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler
Swearing, X scenes, nothing dies, extremely drunk people

Plenty of swearing, X scenes, one suicide, but no dead bodies, drunk & high people

@@@The Dying Breath-Alane Ferguson
Some swearing, minor X scenes, PLENTY of dead bodies (it's a freaking autopsy room!)

@@@First Family-David Baldacci-ADULT
Plenty of swearing, like five X scenes, quite a few dead bodies, plenty of drunk people

--The Sixth Man-David Baldacci-ADULT
Plenty of swearing, like three X scenes, quite a few dead bodies

--Alex Cross-James Patterson-ADULT
Some X rated scenes, major killings, major swearing

@@@Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) Sarah Mlynowski
A lot of X rated scenes, zero killings, good amount of swearing

--The Cardturner-Louis Sachar
No X rated scenes, one dead body, minimal swearing, old people playing bridge

Ungifted-Gordan Korman
No X scenes, very little swearing, nothing dies but a robot

@@@You-Charles Benoit
Swearing to a degree, two X scenes, multiple killings

--I Am Number Four-Pittacus Lore (just realized that rhymed!)
Plenty of cursing, few X scenes (if any) a lot of killings

The Hand of the Devil-Dean Vincent Carter
Some swearing, don't know about X scenes and killings

iBoy-Kevin Brooks
No X scenes, a few killings, very little swearing

--Code Name Verity-Elizabeth Wein
Cursing, I think one minor X scene, plenty of killlings

--Flash-Michael Cadnum
Swearing, IDK about X scenes, a few killings

I haven't finished this list! Will continue later!


Mona needs a leetle help with his horrid signature. Can I get some expert opinion?



-Montego C. Bubblezooper


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