• CobraAzure40

    Hai, this is the slightly less exciting, way more depressing, second edition of my controversial blog.

    I am wiersdale......(Alex, its about 10 min closer to you lol) and I want to move there, but we just signed the lease today, and we already are moving in. It seems to be moving a heck of a lot too fast.  And tonight we are already going to sleep in there with sleeping bags for the fun of it. *rolls eyes* *looks at little sister* I have her to thank for that. *sigh*

    but its a really cool house, its 2 and a half times bigger than our old house, and the niegbhors are AWESOME, they have cows and they said I could come over and help give them shots, and I could even use a steer for 4-H if I want :D Rosie, remember how…

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  • CobraAzure40


    Now, you probably looked just like this when I yelled that >>

    I thought so.

    Rosie asked me to make this blog because she wanted some more pages on here. So I challenge you to make a blog post about your life, RIGHT NOW. (well, not literally right now, please finish reading mine *cough cough*)

    • looks up at picture of awesome donkey* wow......I can not stop laughing XD

    Otay, sooooooo, i guess blogs are for people who don't really have a life, they are just on the computer all day except when they are at school, and they don't have a social life. At. All. Who are we kidding? We all don't really have a life, that is why we built our OWN awesome little place, where (I don't know about you guys,) but I feel like …

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