Now, you probably looked just like this when I yelled that >>

I thought so.

Rosie asked me to make this blog because she wanted some more pages on here. So I challenge you to make a blog post about your life, RIGHT NOW. (well, not literally right now, please finish reading mine *cough cough*)

  • looks up at picture of awesome donkey* wow......I can not stop laughing XD

Otay, sooooooo, i guess blogs are for people who don't really have a life, they are just on the computer all day except when they are at school, and they don't have a social life. At. All. Who are we kidding? We all don't really have a life, that is why we built our OWN awesome little place, where (I don't know about you guys,) but I feel like I have known you peoples for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrs. And you all feel like my best friends.

well, nothing really happened today.....aloooooot of stuff happened last night *cough* we video chatted *cough* so now most of us know what everybody else looks like! So cool right? I had a dream last night where we all were in this awesome room, we were chilling, talking, and eating oreos....*sigh* That was a awesome dream! I just hope that one day we can do that. When all of us are 'old', have a life, and don't post on their own respective blogs :)     ta ta for now!


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