Jane, we know you're upset no one goes on Red's chat much...

 And we're sorry...

 Yes, very sorry... 

But...why would we when you react like this? You have to get over it. 

 You're yelling at us, swearing at Montego....

We know you're upset But...... 

1. We are NOT deleting this wiki

2. We are NOT going back to Red's because we're STILL THERE, just not as often. And when we ARE there, you're always away.

3. You seriously need to relax. The rest of us are over it.

 Even Red.

 But you keep trying to milk cows that are OUT OF MILK!!! And it just keeps bringing everything back and upsetting everyone.

 We know that you spent more time on the other Wiki than anyone else,  But we're making a choice to be a part of this Wiki.

 It's over. It's done. The end. And if you don't like it.......there's really nothing we can do. 

We still want you to be our friend .

We really do. 

But acting this way is not how a friend acts We know we messed up before. 

But we've apologized and you said you've forgiven us. You're not acting like it. :/ 

Please, just think about it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and maybe just take a little break.....

 -David and Katelin

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