Red can't be on here, so he wanted me to share this with you.

I never wanted to fight. It just happened to turn out like that. In case you haven't noticed, you're the ones who made this whole Wiki thing, so don't go blaming me entirely.  Anyway, I've had enough of it. I'll be leaving the other Wiki  (though I may turn up for a few minutes every so often just to pop in, say hello and remind you that I exist) for good. I'm staying on the much better Wiki. I have plans for it that I'd like to discuss with the other Admins and contributors. I've made my choice of Wiki. I urge you to do the same. Juggling the two Wikis wont work. I ask that you make the decision to leave T39CMBW and stay with T39CMBersW, or to leave T39CMBersW and stay with T39CMBW. It might be hard to choose between your friends, but it just wont work the other way, and no matter what, there will always be dislike between the two Wikis, no matter how hard we try. The decision wont be final, you could always change your mind. I'm just trying to encourage you to finally decide where most of your loyalties lie. I'm not trying to encourage you to pick either Wiki, that's a choice for yourself. But you really should take the time to think about your decision. I did, and I've made the right choice for me. I hope you do the same for yourselves.

Good luck in life,


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