Please excuse the song title. :D

(What? I'm a Janus!)

So... Yah.Let's just all forgive each other and have fun.

Sapphire, IDK if you're still mad, but the point of this wiki was so we could have fun. Without Red going, "This wiki has a less strict policy than all others," blah blah blah. (No offense Red. It just gets strangling after a while)

Montego- I have no idea what you and Sapph's deal is, but the main point is, Sapphire enjoys getting a reaction out of you. So just stop caring so much about what she thinks.

Red- We need to talk about that THING we have planned. *series of winks* Get on chat saturday.

Katelin- Woah woah woah. We MUST TALK, GURL! Seriously! I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!

Rosie- Deep breaths. The best way to show strength is to not show emotions. YOU TOO, MONTY!

Red- No disrespect at all to you. We don't mean you're a bad founder, or we never want to follow you anywhere ever. You're a great leader, just not for people like us, who are "Totes Cray Cray."

Alex- Uhhhh, yeah...


Soooo, yah.

David AKA Topaz A.

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