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  • LyricGirl

    Here's the Decision

    September 21, 2013 by LyricGirl

    The wiki is staying.


    Not being deleted.

    At least, for right now. Okay?

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  • LyricGirl

    Bye, miss you all...

    March 14, 2013 by LyricGirl

    So, the title explains it all.

    This site...talking to you guys, has practically become my life

    I skip everything for this.

    I don't regret coming here...but I do regret somethings I've done.

    Like, cussing is sooooo not me. I don't WANT to. So I'm going to STOP.

    And there's a lot I could say and ramble on about, but I won't waste your time.

    The thing is, I'm leaving for good. :/ 


    Al, you are my bestie. You always will be. :) Thank you for being there for me always. You mean everything to me. Don't be so crusty and chill towards others. Open up a little, smile a little more, talk a little more. :) Love ya, little sis! You're always in my prayers! I'll miss you sooooo much! You've inspired me, helped me, and been an amazing best friend. You…

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  • LyricGirl

    Break Time

    February 10, 2013 by LyricGirl


    Let's just start with.........

    Okay, scratch that. 

    To just about sum it up, we have waaaaaaaaaaay too much drama here. 

    Rosie is all super stressed out and you guys keep bugging her, asking her things. She already has to deal with Eli and Sapph disliking each other!!!!!!! And when Eli COMES BACK and SEES the REST of you have found it. She's gonna explode!!!! :/ (Eli, not that I'm saying you don't have self control. I just think you will freak)

    And then, ROSIE has to deal with it! Which, is completely and totally unfair for her!!!

    So anyway, back to my main point. I'm sick of this whole mess and I just want it over with. Obviously, that's not happening. I have decided to not come on much on MBers (this one) and the MB wiki. :/ I'…

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  • LyricGirl

    Important Meeting!!!!

    January 26, 2013 by LyricGirl

    Okay so..........

    Most of you are involved with the council of your branch, right?

    So. I'm not trying to hate on your council or anything but......

    Why do you have so many posistions?

    Why not just have 1 leader or, like 2 co-leaders

    1 or 2 Vice leaders

    Then maybe 3 or five other posistions? 

    I'm think I might get back involved with politics on the MB, but they're sooooo much.....stuff.

    The MB used to be sooooooooooo awesome and now it's filled with random/not very good spelling, grammar, and such stories.....and politics.

    I mean......there's that Joe thing.......then the Pedro thing

    Most problems 'solved' by a council, are because of the council.

    And when things are 'solved', more problems seem to occur.

    Again, NO OFFENSE, but could you …

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  • LyricGirl

    Yes, yes, we all now realize I shouldn't be a Janus. :P Obviously I can't draw. XD

    And for some reason....I couldn't find the flash button on the it looks dark...when I had light from a window shining on it........

    Anyway, what do you think?

    Should they be friends? Or foes?

    (I'm thinking I'll make a little story about this each month....and for the first one, I need to know if they should be friends or not)

    Lemme know what you think :D

    (Okay, the icing on the yellow wrapped cupcake looks very...weird. XD)

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