Okay so..........

Most of you are involved with the council of your branch, right?

So. I'm not trying to hate on your council or anything but......

Why do you have so many posistions?

Why not just have 1 leader or, like 2 co-leaders

1 or 2 Vice leaders

Then maybe 3 or five other posistions? 

I'm think I might get back involved with politics on the MB, but they're sooooo much.....stuff.

The MB used to be sooooooooooo awesome and now it's filled with random/not very good spelling, grammar, and such stories.....and politics.

I mean......there's that Joe thing.......then the Pedro thing

Most problems 'solved' by a council, are because of the council.

And when things are 'solved', more problems seem to occur.

Again, NO OFFENSE, but could you me understand?

What exactly does your council do?

Why have soooo many posistions?

And why have councils in the first place? We've never needed them... 

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