Let's just start with.........

Okay, scratch that. 

To just about sum it up, we have waaaaaaaaaaay too much drama here. 

Rosie is all super stressed out and you guys keep bugging her, asking her things. She already has to deal with Eli and Sapph disliking each other!!!!!!! And when Eli COMES BACK and SEES the REST of you have found it. She's gonna explode!!!! :/ (Eli, not that I'm saying you don't have self control. I just think you will freak)

And then, ROSIE has to deal with it! Which, is completely and totally unfair for her!!!

So anyway, back to my main point. I'm sick of this whole mess and I just want it over with. Obviously, that's not happening. I have decided to not come on much on MBers (this one) and the MB wiki. :/ I'm sorry, but it's just too much. I already have drama in my life and I don't need any more. I'm sorry.

But, I WILL still come on sometimes if I want to talk to people. (Well, you know what I mean) I'll be here on Girls' Night. :P Can't miss that, ya know. XP I'll be hanging out on OS too. (Original Stories). I'm not 'leaving', I'm just....cutting myself a way. Yet, this also gives me time to do other things I want to do as well. :P


Yeah......but.....when Eli comes back, I WILL be here to try and help......if there's actually anything I can do. And if I'm needed, of course I'll be here. (Not, here as in this wiki....I mean as in.....Oh, never mind. You get what I mean)  :)

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