Which one of you made ? I reckon Jess but you never know. Anyway, I found this quite by accident and was amused to see what really went on when I left the chat a day or so before this place was made. And yes, I remember that chat. And I'm interested to see what went on there, because it sheds some light on your motives. The end is quite illuminating. 

I am indeed surprised to see that you claimed the blame lied with Jon. You resented me for making him a chatmod, but throughout the chat I had made reference to the fact that Jon's rights had been removed:

  1. He was gone literally 10 seconds after he left

 And also that his rules were to be changed. This place was completely unnecessary. I remain disappointed but at least I see a little more than I did of the truth. What I suspected was largely what had happened, but the motives seem quite different.

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