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    Why I don't come on the chat anymore:

    It all has to do with feelings. Feelings people have for others, feelings AGAINST others, (haters) and the feeling I get when I leave. It makes me feel all bitter and frustrated. I don't want to waste my time in a place I don't get anything good out of. (I do get a laugh often, though.)

    Plus, I never clicked with anybody, so there's nothing to make me want to stay rooted here. It's no one's fault on the above, I had some expectations of the chat, and they didn't get filled, it wasn't anyone's fault on that. (Though you guys are cool.) I kind of thought differently of some of you, now I can see the real person inside, so I feel a little cheated. Again, this isn't really your fault. I just realized I'll ne…

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  • Singingdolphin46

    BBcode for Chat BG

    February 15, 2013 by Singingdolphin46

    I took this from someone on a website, I hope this isn't copying or anything. Some don't work, and I can't help that. So yeah.

    Color Name


    Code HTML number
    White █████ [color=White][/color] #FFFFFF
    Snow █████ [color=Snow][/color] #FFFAFA
    GhostWhite █████ [color=GhostWhite][/color] #F8F8FF
    WhiteSmoke █████ [color=WhiteSmoke][/color] #F5F5F5
    SeaShell █████ [color=SeaShell][/color] #FFF5EE
    FloralWhite █████ [color=FloralWhite][/color] #FFFAF0
    Ivory █████ [color=Ivory][/color] #FFFFF0
    PapayaWhip █████ [color=PapayaWhip][/color] #FFEFD5
    Gainsboro █████ [color=Gainsboro][/color] #DCDCDC
    LightGrey █████ [color=LightGrey][/color] #D3D3D3
    Silver █████ [color=Silver][/color] #C0C0C0
    Gray █████ [color=Gray][/color] #808080
    LightSlateGrey █████ [color=LightSlateGrey][/color] #778899

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