So, this an announcement that will change something. Or something like that.

This will be I think a weekly kind of thing that I will on Tuesdays, in which I reviiew something that interest me: Movie, books, games, TV shows, etc.

And I will do each review in one Wiki: The first edition, today or next week, it will be T39CMBW, and after that here on the T39CMBersW.

And this will be my rating system, from down to up (but if is too bad/good, I will rate it as the name. Ex: Return of the King is Return of the King):

If you like this (depends)... You are 4, right?

Better eat fried icecream than (depends) this.

Adam Sandler is somehow involved in this, right?


It is okay, but you dont need to (depends) it.

Dude, go (depends) this now... I am serious!

This movie is Cha-ish!!!

So... Yeah. Stay tuned for Monkey Reviews!

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