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    Back yall

    September 1, 2013 by Wσℓƒgιяℓ

    Sup guys, I'm back, kind of. School starts this Tuesday for me. Ugh. Oh, and welcome September...ish.... 

    Anyway, I kinda poofed for the last month or so, but clearly no one really missed me (that's alright, LOL. No one misses me anyway x.x ) because school is coming up/has already come up for you guys. So we're all going to be kind of busy.

    That said, I really want to get good grades because I might be switching schools sometime in the near future (next year or in two years). I mean, I got good grades last year but I want to beat that this year because you know...they weren't the best. But instead of rambling on about my grades...: I need to juggle my Internet stuff...and school. And school is obviously my priority, as well as o…

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    Title says it ALL. Props to David for bringing this up randomly on chat one day. Read on friends =]

    So as I write this blog, David, Violet and I are talking about what it means to be a Christian. It's a very enlightening conversation; the best I've had in weeks. So thank you for that! :) I truly feel that we are like siblings...that don't fight. Maybe we do argue. Okay we do. Sometimes. But when we argue (mostly it's debating really), we still remain friends.

    So we come to this. We're a family. Admit it. Us Cahills, Vespers and Guardians, who started out as avid readers and fans of the books, who graduated to the Message Board--each of us doing our own thing: writing, getting mad at Joe, blogging, making friends, participating in elections, …

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    The lesson of the day is...

    When watching a Die Hard movie, you can't be multitasking or you'll miss half of it.

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    Day: 6

    Happy Canada Day! But that was yesterday.

    Irrelevant fact: my voice is cracking. :(

    It's really hot here. Even at 9 in the morning. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. Later today we're supposed to be going to this forest...I'll update this blog when we're back from it. I hope it's cool there -_-

    I got five mosquito bites yesterday. YAYYYYY.

    Whoa. O.o It's teletubbies!! Ahahahaha xD It's so cute. Ahh never mind, now my sister's watching Xi Yang Yang LOL :P

    I don't think there are driving laws in Taiwan. It's just a free for all and cars and motorcycles can just go wherever they want. -_- almost died twice today. *clapping and cheering*

    Something that's been bothering me: so some random relatives of mine came over...yesterday? I think.…

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    So on the plane to Korea, I was bored and made this little rap. It's totally random and kind of...weird...and violent...anyway, have a good time laughing at it. It's freestyled, so it was made up on the spot and unedited :D I'm aware there is no Argo 2. I basically blurted out whatever was on my mind.

    I'm here on the plane there are people everywhere

    Some are sleeping some are snoring some are fixing their hair

    Some are watching movies like the Bourne Legacy

    But it sucked I just liked the trilogy

    Now I'm bored to death I have nothing to do

    So I'll go watch Argo or maybe Argo 2

    But that got boring so instead I'm watching

    People with suits people wearing boots

    This guy with socks

    Socks on his cock his gun, aim at his head

    Shoot …

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