Sup guys, I'm back, kind of. School starts this Tuesday for me. Ugh. Oh, and welcome September...ish.... 

Anyway, I kinda poofed for the last month or so, but clearly no one really missed me (that's alright, LOL. No one misses me anyway x.x ) because school is coming up/has already come up for you guys. So we're all going to be kind of busy.

That said, I really want to get good grades because I might be switching schools sometime in the near future (next year or in two years). I mean, I got good grades last year but I want to beat that this year because you know...they weren't the best. But instead of rambling on about my grades...: I need to juggle my Internet stuff...and school. And school is obviously my priority, as well as other personal-ish stuff.

So you may or may not be seeing less of me. I mean, it's tempting to come on 'specially when I'm not supposed to. Anyway, I'll probably be gone for the most part, but I'll try to have fun chats...or TC...Skype...whatever stuff when I can. So you guys: go on, or on Monday, so I'll be on.

If you're one of the States people who start school in August (SUCKS TO BE YOU :P) and you have homework or whatever FINISH IT FIRST.

Anyway, that be all. Oh and happy b-day, and welcome back, to everyone and everything. I'm too lazy to comment on numerous blog posts. Anywehz see you.



Peace for real

Wolfgirl, 23:18, September 1, 2013 (UTC)

(I should change my siggy sometime. Too lazy to do so though)

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