Hey, so I realize I don't really come here to edit. Or anything. I chat sometimes COS MAN, THAT'S WHERE THE PARTY IS.

Anyway. Right now it's 11:11 PM. The plane leaves at 5:40 AM, and I got nothing in my bag. I'm freestyling to the radio instead. Yep, I have ADHD. Anyway, plans for tomorrow...

So there are layovers at VANCOUVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR and Seoul, Korea. I think that's it, but I think there's one doesn't matter, all I know is that long flight = no wifi = boring! So I'm gonna have to entertain myself...

1) Read. Curse of the Ancients, which is really short, or I can buy an now. Do you need wifi to read stuff on iBooks? No, right? And, I don't know what to buy. What have I not read yet? Definitely not the Brick, oh no. I'm never reading that...

2) Sing. And get thrown off the plane.

3) Freestyle rap, like I was doing before I started this blog. And get thrown off the plane.

4) Write. Stories...or my own random rap thing. Too bad I can't dance. I can spaz around in my seat...I guess.

5) Daydream. I love doing this. For 24 hours...? Umm...never tried it before...

6) Think...that's the same thing as daydreaming. For me.

7) Talk to myself! And be an absolute weirdo, but that doesn't matter. I can practice random monologues...

8) Make a movie. I just downloaded iMovie on the iPad. So it costs $5...but it's worth it. Yeah...I can make a movie...and vlog it...and you can all see my face. :D

9) EVACUATE THE...wait, planes don't have dance floors.

10) Just be :|

So, at the airport in VANCOUVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I said I'd Skype some of my classmates, as they're all going to the zoo tomorrow and I'm on a plane to a country where they have Asian food and speak Asian languages and I don't like Asian food and my Chinese sucks and I'm stuck there for a MONTH. Yay, me. Anyway, no idea how long I'm stuck in the airport at VANCOUVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. But I hope my friend takes his iPad, or else I'll be lonely.

I also hope there are movies on the planes, but the ones I want to watch are still IN theatres and/or haven't come out yet.

When I'm in Taiwan...yes, that's where I'm going...I'll write another one. I need someone English speaking there. Help me. Apparently my cousin has pretty good English? :/ We'll see...

Wolfgirl, 03:25, June 27, 2013 (UTC)

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