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Day: 6

Happy Canada Day! But that was yesterday.

Irrelevant fact: my voice is cracking. :(

It's really hot here. Even at 9 in the morning. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. Later today we're supposed to be going to this forest...I'll update this blog when we're back from it. I hope it's cool there -_-

I got five mosquito bites yesterday. YAYYYYY.

Whoa. O.o It's teletubbies!! Ahahahaha xD It's so cute. Ahh never mind, now my sister's watching Xi Yang Yang LOL :P

I don't think there are driving laws in Taiwan. It's just a free for all and cars and motorcycles can just go wherever they want. -_- almost died twice today. *clapping and cheering*

Something that's been bothering me: so some random relatives of mine came over...yesterday? I think. Idk how they're even related to me, but there was this mom...and she had two kids that are adults now. Anyway, she slapped one of them...that's child abuse...right? Yeah, it is. So should I have said something? I'm pretty sure it's against the law. Or is that only in Canada? Should I have said something or kept silent?



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Wolfgirl, 04:28, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

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