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So on the plane to Korea, I was bored and made this little rap. It's totally random and kind of...weird...and violent...anyway, have a good time laughing at it. It's freestyled, so it was made up on the spot and unedited :D I'm aware there is no Argo 2. I basically blurted out whatever was on my mind.

I'm here on the plane there are people everywhere

Some are sleeping some are snoring some are fixing their hair

Some are watching movies like the Bourne Legacy

But it sucked I just liked the trilogy

Now I'm bored to death I have nothing to do

So I'll go watch Argo or maybe Argo 2

But that got boring so instead I'm watching

People with suits people wearing boots

This guy with socks

Socks on his cock his gun, aim at his head

Shoot boom now he's dead

That's what rappers do they think they so cool

But that's what people do when they have mental issues

The guy beside me who looks like Jones Soda

He on his laptop watching Game of Thrones

Maybe it's downloaded illegally

No one really cares they just say teehee

That's Higa's line so I might be fined

But that'll still be fine because it feels really fine

I can teehee for life I can teehee no lie

Buy his merchandise and you can teehee all the time

Got a water bottle in my hand

Expires April 25th twenty one five

Enviroclear spring water is good for your eyes

The bottle's real small and the cap is real tall

Maybe it's not enviroclear after all

The guy behind me he keeps kicking my feet

But I kick back and this thing is on repeat

Maybe he's annoyed now but I'll never be defeated, ow

He must be really pissed but I'll never retreat

It's almost six pm Toronto almost seven am Koreo

I don't get the time zones

Really losing sleep, I know and I really have to go

No not really it just rhymed so I said it

You read it I typed it whatever comes into my mind it

Yeah that's what you see it's what I know so

He might sell coke, he might be dope and Nicki says nope

He's not, Air Canada has a TV Channel

What's there, it's pretty boring, yeah

My sister's playing Subway Surf and we just got new missions

The game is kinda cool and she loves it like a Christian

I'm Christian, so is Christian

This flight has a lot of emissions

So now we're going up to the city in love

We just need a co-pilot like Kristina Maria

There's Laza Morgan one more just Corneille

Temple Run 2 has to keep her streak aleive

Justin Bieber is stepping through the door

Asking people all around the world

Maybe he said never one times too many cause now nobody knows the amount of money he

Owns, oh, but he counts it by the glasses Nicki Minaj says no it's the glasses not his glasses

LMFAO knows that we're talking 'bout the shots, shots

The doctor gives shots, the Doctor gets shot

Doctor who me, yes you

He's getting shots, giving shots, getting shot

You can't shoot him what about his fangirls

Right now Rustin Hieber has more fangirls

But maybe all he's got are his fanboys

And maybe one direction are his fanboys

But nobody knows 'cause they're getting at the shots, shots

Live while they're young turn it up it's really hot, hot

But there's one thing they knew, one fifth direction knew

Because July 3rd when we see the new blue...Smurfs

Blue Smurfs blue burbs blueberry berry burbs

The cat is back and out of the bag, back

Don't step on the crack and hear it crack

Don't go on the streets doing crack, no...

So yeah :P To find out more about one fifth direction...

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